The Practical Enneagram

Listening as an elixir, with Josh Lavine

March 15, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 32
The Practical Enneagram
Listening as an elixir, with Josh Lavine
Show Notes

Integral coach, Enneagram teacher and amazing piano player to boot, Josh Lavine (social Three), makes a passionate plea for better listening.  And because - note to self - this is an Enneagram podcast, we also discuss how listening intersects with the Enneagram model, specifically where it 'arises' in the instincts and centres. 

  • What Josh does in the world with the Enneagram [1.50]
  • Josh's type and his early Enneagram encounters [2.42]
  • Why Josh is passionate about listening [4.53]. Shout out to the semi-sung hero of this conversation, Brian, Josh's listening partner.
  • Why specifically good listening is so important for healing [6.58]
  • Difference between coaching listening and friendship listening [15.31]
  • Where does listening arise from in Enneagram terms? [19.38]
  • Can studying and learning the Enneagram help us to become better listeners? [26.58]
  • Practices for better listening [28.03]

Book references
Let Your Life Speak, Parker Palmer
Healing through the dark emotions, Miriam Greenspan
Being a Brainwise Therapist, Bonnie Badenoch

Find Josh
His website ( where you can download his ebook.
Instagram  (@lavinejosh) 

Purple Planet Music: Masquerade


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