The Practical Enneagram

The connecting points (it's complicated), with Mario Sikora

April 11, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 34
The Practical Enneagram
The connecting points (it's complicated), with Mario Sikora
Show Notes

Angry-young-man-come-guy-whose-been-around-the-Enneagram-a while, Mario Sikora (Social Eight) talks about how he approaches the Enneagram's connecting points in his consulting, teaching and coaching work. This has given me something to smoke, along with my clove cigarettes. 

  • The origins of the teachings on the Enneagram's connecting points [3.35]
  • How does Mario use the connecting points in his work with coaching clients? [7.40] 
  • Example of Mario's languaging around the connecting points using Type Four as an example [15.47]
  • What does Mario think about other languaging, especially more spiritual language? [26.40]
  • Is there any benefit to being aware of the positive manifestations of the two strategies? [30.40]
  • Should we expect to see movement to our connecting points daily? [32.20]
  • How does Mario's central teaching around rewriting our narratives apply to the connecting points? [35.45]
  • How would we measure growth purely using the connecting points? [38.50]
  • Do we need to know where we are with instincts to use the connecting points for development? [40.55]
  • Can we mistake the expression of an instinctual priority with movement to a connection point? [41.40]
  • What Mario is focussing on these days [42.47]


Awareness practices/self-inquiries

  1. How do you use your type's Support strategy to reinforce the core strategy? When would your Neglected strategy offer you a resource?
  2. Name the polarities/tensions between your type and each connecting point. Try to figure out whether you see the extremes of those in your life. 
  3. How do the positive manifestations of the Support and Neglected strategies appear for you? How can you use them more consciously?
  4. What's your narrative around the three strategies you use/are connected to?

Mario's Support strategies
For striving to be...
Peaceful (Nine), it's Secure (Six)
Perfect (One), it's Unique (Four)
Connected (Two), it's Powerful (Eight)
Outstanding (Three), it's Peaceful (Nine)
Unique (Four), it's Connected (Two)
Detached (Five), it's Excited (Seven)
Secure (Six), it's Outstanding (Three)
Excited (Seven), it's Perfect (One)
Powerful (Eight), it's Detached (Five)

Mario's Neglected strategies
For striving to be...
Peaceful (Nine), it's Oustanding (Three)
Perfect (One), it's Excited (Seven)
Connected (Two), it's Unique (Four)
Outstanding (Three), it's Secure (Six)
Unique (Four), it's Perfect (One)
Detached (Five), it's Powerful (Eight)
Secure (Six), it's Peaceful (Three)
Excited (Seven), it's Detached (Five)
Powerful (Eight), it's Connected (Two)

Other names for Support
Russ Hudson uses Stress and then Missing Piece for the high side.
Dr Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes use Resolution.
Integrative Enneagram Solutions use Stretch.

Other names for Neglected
Russ Hudson uses Integration
Dr Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes use Energising 
Integrative Enneagram Solutions use Release.
Sandra Maitri calls this the Heart Point.

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