The Practical Enneagram

A method of transformation, with Dr Mary Filice

May 09, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 36
The Practical Enneagram
A method of transformation, with Dr Mary Filice
Show Notes

Entrepreneur, philosopher and theologian (among other things), Dr Mary Filice (Self preservation 2), shares with me about her unique integrative programme featuring the Enneagram - her Method of Transformation. 

  • What Mary gets up to in life and how her Method of Transformation ('MOT') came about [01.30]
  • When was Mary's intro to the Enneagram? [2.45]
  • When and how Mary encountered Gabor Mate's work [5.12]
  • Who is the MOT for and what's its goal? [8.45]
  • How specifically is the Enneagram used in the MOT? [12.37]
  • Mary shares an early instance from life that she experienced the wound for Type Two [15.15]
  • How is the instincts lens used in her method? [16.17]
  • What if you can't remember the childhood incident(s)? [18.45]
  • More details about the MOT and how coaches can engage with Mary [19.45]

A list of the unconscious childhood messages (from the Wisdom of the Enneagram):
Eight: 'It's not okay to be vulnerable or to trust anyone.'
Nine: 'It's not okay to assert yourself.'
One: 'It's not okay to make mistakes.'
Two: 'It's not okay to have your own needs.'
Three: 'It's not okay to have your own feelings and identity.'
Four: 'It's not okay to be too functional or too happy.'
Five: 'It's not okay to be comfortable in the world.'
Six: 'It's not okay to trust yourself.'
Seven: 'It's not okay to depend on anyone for anything.'

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