The Practical Enneagram

Rising up the Levels, with Hari Prasada Das and Rasanath Das

August 02, 2022 Season 1 Episode 42
The Practical Enneagram
Rising up the Levels, with Hari Prasada Das and Rasanath Das
Show Notes

Spiritual teachers and corporate high-flyers/creatives, Co-founders of Upbuild, Rasanath Das (Social Three) and Hari Prasada Das (Social Four) talk about the Levels of Consciousness, the Riso/Hudson contribution to the Enneagram that Hari and Rasanath have decided to make central to their coaching and training work. The wisdom just flowed in this one. Glad I found such integrous teachers to cover a huge topic. Gratitude to Michael Sloyer for setting this up. 

  • Rasanath's early meetings with the Enneagram [3.35] and Hari's [8.02]
  • Why they started Upbuild  and what Upbuild is about [14.30]
  • Rasanath describes the formation of the types [16.19]
  • Hari answers the question, 'is type the same thing as ego'? [18.13]
  • Hari answers the question 'what exactly are the Levels of Consciousness? [21.29]
  • Rasanath answers the question, 'can we actually lose our egos'? [22.51]
  • Rasanath describes humility, the telltale quality of self-realized souls [24.55]
  • Rasanath describes why the Levels of Consciousness continue to be so revolutionary [28.56]
  • Hari on why the Levels was such an important contribution to the Enneagram [30.45]
  • Hari on why Upbuild calls the stages Creative, Controlling and Destructive (rather than Healthy, Average and Unhealthy) [33.07]
  • Rasanath answers the question 'can we diagnose ourselves accurately on the Levels'?[37.33]
  • Rasanath answers the question, 'can we really rise up the Levels through effort alone'? [42.42]
  • Hari describes the motto of his German teacher/mentor (one a lot of us have I think!) [46.53]
  • Rasanath describes three layers of responsibility and why they are core to rising up the Levels [48.39] 
  • Hari on how to take responsibility on a practical level [51.27]
  • Rasanath on using the Enneagram as a vertical development model in general [53.20]

Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-discovery, by Don Riso
Discovering the Enneagram, by Andreas Ebert and Richard Rohr

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