The Practical Enneagram

The Practice, with Dominic Liber

September 13, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 45
The Practical Enneagram
The Practice, with Dominic Liber
Show Notes

Possibly everything you've ever wanted to know about Diamond Inquiry but didn't want to ask. The very encouraging Diamond Approach teacher, Dominic Liber, has a special knack for teaching the mechanics of the central practice of the Diamond Approach. Do yourself a favour and read his book, Diving in the Inner Ocean - an Introduction to  Personal Transformation using Diamond Inquiry. Dominic kindly took a break from writing his next book to answer some of my questions about this transformational practice that partners perfectly with the Enneagram. 

  • Why Dominic decided to write this book [6.45]
  • Did Hameed invent Inquiry? [9.55]
  • How is this different from self-observation? [14.37]
  • Why is knowing the Enneagram useful when it comes to practising Inquiry [18.38]
  • Stages of what we can notice in Inquiry [25.35]
  • A common mistake that happens when we start to Inquire [27.27]
  • How does practising Inquiry feel? [30.28]
  • Why do we do this again? [34.46]
  • We demo Inquiry [35.35]
  • Is there anything we shouldn't Inquire into? [41.56]
  • Trauma and practising Inquiry [44.43]
  • How do we know Inquiry is working? [46.55]
  • Do we need a teacher and a group to practice Inquiry? [48.45]
  • Come on Dom, what's your Enneagram type? [50.40]

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