The Practical Enneagram

Teaching teens, with Nataliia Bolshakova

October 11, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 47
The Practical Enneagram
Teaching teens, with Nataliia Bolshakova
Show Notes

The rather delightful Nataliia Bolshakova (SP6), President and Co-founder of Enneagram Egypt, uses her experience in education, pedagogy, and psychology to teach the Enneagram to teens and pre-teens. Here she shares a little about Enneagram Egypt's programmes for teens, teachers and schools, and answers a few of my curiosities about how to talk to teenagers about the Enneagram. 

  • How did Nataliia get into the Enneagram [2.16]
  • Nataliia's type and the types of her family [4.00]
  • How are the programmes informed by the stages of development? [9.05]
  • Do we teach the kids about their type's downsides? [13.22]
  • What's the guidance for teachers wanting to use the Enneagram? [15.50]
  • What does each triad need? [19.18]
  • How do you avoid beating yourself up as a parent making new discoveries about a child's type? [23.05]

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