The Practical Enneagram

Chaos and change, with Kate Zagorskis

November 08, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 49
The Practical Enneagram
Chaos and change, with Kate Zagorskis
Show Notes

Coach, Consultant and Facilitator Kate Zagorskis (Type 9) offers some insights about how each type moves through uncertainty and ambiguity from her decade + helping individuals, organisations and teams to navigate change. This is a rich conversation from someone with a deep well of compassion and understanding for the process of change. 

  • How Kate got into organisational change [2.14]
  • How the field is changing [3.30]
  • What does she love about working in the field [4.35]
  • How's the Enneagram used in the field of change? [8.00]
  • What is VUCA? [9.40]
  • Patterns in the way each type move towards and helps us with change, and how they resist it and create problems.
    • General triad patterns [12.00]
    • Type 9 [14.32]
    • Type 1 [18.35]
    • Type 2 [22:02]
    • Type 3 [24.32]
    • Type 4 [29.00]
    • Type 5 [32.33]
    • Type 6 [34.54]
    • Type 7 [37.14]
    • Type 8 [40.03]
  • What other than type affects our capacity to meet change? [43.38]
  • Why does change bring up grief, and is it important to name that? [45.05]
  • What is Kate thinking/feeling when someone is suffering? [48.55]
  • Nine things that are true about change (these are gorgeous) [51.20] 

Kate's 9 Keys to Change
Holding a holistic perspective (9)
Holding the ideals (1)
Making sure people are thought of (2)
Showing us that we can do something  with what we have (3)
Allowing us to grieve what we are losing (4)
Seeing the underlying why (5)
Recognising what's important and what's not (good sifters) (6)
Inspire us to see what's possible (7)
A sense of confidence and capacity (8)

Identify what the change is creating
What is not changing?
What we have to destroy and let go of?

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