The Practical Enneagram

The Blind Type, with Flemming Christensen

November 22, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 50
The Practical Enneagram
The Blind Type, with Flemming Christensen
Show Notes

Founder and Owner of Enneagram Next Level, THINK ABOUT IT, and the Enneagram Institute of Denmark, Author, Coach, Trainer, Teacher and Consultant Flemming Christensen (Self-preservation 3), delights me with an interview about his latest book, the Enneagram - Why the Blind Type Matters, outlining a new approach to development using the Enneagram model. 

  • Flemming's background in how he works with the Enneagram [3.45]
  • How Flemming came to the Enneagram [5.11]
  • Obnoxious question about Flemming's type, not my standard practice I'll have you know [8.58]
  • What Don Riso had Flemming do when he was discovering his type [10.13]
  • When did Flemming start using the Enneagram in his work? [11.40]
  • Flemming's three-prongued model for change [15.14]
  • The books that have gone before now [18.48]
  • And the new book [19.27]
  • What's a blind type? [21.17]
  • Flemming illustrates the model using his life theme (the Big Brother) [24.36]
  • What development is this, personality or spiritual? [28.08]
  • How do you find out what the blind type is? [32.20]
  • Is the blind type the type that annoys you the most in others? [35.23]
  • Why do we need to integrate the qualities of one of the other types? [38.08]
  • Flemming applies his model to me and my blind type [42.06]
  • How has it made a difference to Flemming to integrate his blind type? [48.03]

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Music: Children's Folksong Three Blind Mice, from Pixabay

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