The Practical Enneagram

Keys to the Centers, with Suzanne Stabile

January 17, 2023 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 54
The Practical Enneagram
Keys to the Centers, with Suzanne Stabile
Show Notes

It was my joy to talk with Enneagram Godmother,  Suzanne Stabile (Social 2) about her latest book, Journey to Wholeness, which along with Suzanne's unique teachings on the link between our types and stress/self-care, outlines a clear approach to balancing the Centers of Intelligence. 

  • Did the pandemic have anything to do with this book? [2.38]
  •  Is this book an evolution from the previous book, the Path Between Us? [07.11]
  • How Suzanne approaches the issue of mistyping [10.38]
  • The basis for the book's theory regarding accessing the high side of Stress number as a way to self-care, and the 'acting out' that happens in the Security number [13.41]
  • Demo of the theory using Types 2 and 4 [19.04]
  • Should we manage the dominant Center before practising using the repressed Center [20.52]?
  • Why managing the dominant Center needs to be the first focus [21.25]
  • Suzanne on bringing up her repressed Center, thinking [24.40]
  • Why doesn't Suzanne talk about the instincts in her book? [26.25]
  • How the dominant instinct/subtype changes [29.16]
  • Suzanne on her love for reading and how it supports her repressed Center [32.17]
  • Suzanne's next move: moral injury [35.19]

Suzanne's very practical new Enneagram book: The Journey Toward Wholeness: Enneagram Wisdom for Stress, Balance, and Transformation: 

Maurice Nicoll- the neurologist, psychiatrist and Fourth Way teacher who named the Centers: 

Find Suzanne: 
Life in the Trinity Ministry:

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