The Practical Enneagram

The Enneagram Matchmaker, with Cindy Leong

February 14, 2023 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 56
The Practical Enneagram
The Enneagram Matchmaker, with Cindy Leong
Show Notes

Enneagram Academy Singapore Founder, Enneagram trainer, and Dating and Relationship Coach Cindy Leong (Sexual 3) makes love happen. She's also a disarming and tender-hearted human being.  Here's an insight into her work. 

  • How Cindy learned the Enneagram (with Mr Naranjo himself) [1.23]
  • Why Cindy chose to specialise in Enneagram and relationships [2.30]
  • Cindy's type and instinct type [3.13]
  • How the Asian culture feels about the terminology 'sexual' instinct and the dominance of self-pres in Singapore society [7.30]
  • Cindy's research on why eligible individuals find it hard to fall in love in Singapore [11.48]
  • Cindy's melding of Gary Chapman's Love Languages and the Enneagram instincts [14.22]
  • How is the Enneagram best used as a single person on the hunt? [18.03]
  • Cindy's three levels of relationship-building: synergy, conflict, flourishing [18.29]
  • Are some types better at being single? [22.42]
  • Does our Enneagram type influence who we get attracted to? [25.07] 
  • How does the matchmaking work? [28.18]
  • A match-making success story [29.30]

Learn more about Cindy and her work:


Music by Gvidon from Pixabay.

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