The Practical Enneagram

19 minutes with Chela Davison

February 28, 2023 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 57
The Practical Enneagram
19 minutes with Chela Davison
Show Notes

As many questions as I can ask inspiring and hilarious Integral Master Coach, Speaker, Writer and Entrepreneur Chela Davison (Sexual 7) in 19 minutes. 

What was the last fight you had with your husband about?
What are you most excited about in life right now?
What’s the biggest challenge you currently face?
What’s an important habit for you?
And your biggest vice?
How would you describe your home in three words?
When is the best time to ask you for a favour?
And the worst time?
What is the Sevenist thing about you?
And the least?
If you weren’t your type, clearly the best, which type would you be and why?
Most used app?
Most used word?
Do you see yourself going back on social media?
What is a book or author you recommend to all creatives?
A book or author you recommend to all coaches?
What does writing mean to you?
If you were to pen a memoir, what would the title be?
If you were to write a self-help book, what would the title be?
How old were you when you completed the Landmark Forum?
What would you say that it developed in you?
Would you do it now?
How many silent meditation retreats have you done? 
How does self-care look to you? 
If you weren't an entrepreneur and master coach, what would you be?
If you were to write yourself a Dear Chela, what would the subject be?
What is your greatest asset?
And weakness?
Who do you wish understood the value of self-development?
What age were you when you started your first business?
What was that business?
How did it end?
What is your primary spiritual path or practice?
How do you quieten your mind?
What was the last thing you sought to develop in yourself?
What’s a quality you value in others?
What’s a quality you value in yourself?
Last time you fell in love?
Last time you cried? 
Tell me one key lesson from the previous 12 months.
What is something that the pandemic highlighted for you?
Describe last year in three words?
What would you love to be able to say about this year at the end of it?
Who would you love to interview for your podcast, What is Leadership?
What is leadership?!
What’s easy for you that used to be challenging?
What’s challenging for you that used to be easy or fun?
Something you do now that you don’t want to be doing in ten years?
Most coached Enneagram type.
Most coached instinct type?
Funnest way to spend an empty weekend?
What is something that you prefer doing alone?
Who has inspired you lately?
Any pet peeves?
How do you say no to people you like?
Biggest accomplishment so far?
If you were not living on the Unceded Territory of the Squamish Nation, where would you be living?
What’s your favourite holiday?
Somewhere you haven’t been that you’ve always wanted to go?
Something you always travel with?
One piece of advice for skiing in a wedding dress?
Favourite workout?
What do you listen to when you work out?
Most eaten snack?
Most used metaphor in your coaching programmes?
The standard approach to resistance? 
What is your most given practice? 
What is one thing that running LEAD has taught you? 
Something that has surprised you about parenting?
Something that has surprised you about marriage?
Truthfully, what are your thoughts on my questions?
How will you reflect on this interview, if at all?


Music by MondayHopes from Pixabay

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