The Practical Enneagram

25 minutes with Stop Being Your Self Author, Ronan Gallagher

April 11, 2023 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 60
The Practical Enneagram
25 minutes with Stop Being Your Self Author, Ronan Gallagher
Show Notes

I catch up with Enneagram author and trainer, and beautiful Social 3 Ronan Gallagher, who has written a really cool and interesting Enneagram book, Stop Being Your Self. The final interview in the series.

The questions I ask Ronan:
How’s the second book going?
What’s it about?
Who is it written for?
What do you enjoy most about writing?
Anything you don’t enjoy?
Do you think there will be more books?
How do you see your type, type 3, showing up in your process?
Your first book, Stop Being Yourself, is written in a very unique style. Describe that style in your own words?
The book is underpinned by certain psychological understandings. Whose work or teachings were you principally influenced by?
Are the chapters based on real people?
Do they know?
Prior to your career as a corporate trainer and author, what were you doing?
Was there a moment you know you wanted to stop?
Is there anything you miss about practising law?
Do you still swim?
Have you ever neglected your fitness?
What are you grateful for about what comes naturally to you as a Social 3?
Do you have specific practices around the third instinct?
What sort of a child were you?
How did your type gel with the culture you were raised in?
How did it not gel?
What’s one piece of advice for 25-year-old Ronan?
What would you like to ask your future self?
When would you say your spiritual journey began?
Define success from your current vantage point.
Do you ever make yourself cringe?
How do you deal with that?
What do you do when you want to psyche yourself up?
Something you waste money on?
Something you waste time on?
What’s valuable to you?
What’s a question you are currently holding?
What’s something that isn’t in question?
What would you say is your largest fear or concern currently?
What helps you to be yourself?
When do you feel the most yourself?
And the least?
What do you do when you are feeling sad?
Thoughts on therapy?
What is one thing you believe to be true about self-development
What makes you feel confident?
What makes you lose confidence?
Which types tend to populate your work and life?
Any types that don’t tend to enter your life?  ('Heavy set Ones'. LOL. Definitely stealing this).
Describe your relationship with social media.
What no longer makes you feel reactive that did before?
What still occasionally makes you feel reactive?
What helps you to slow down?
Favourite style of yoga?
Prefer practising in a studio or alone?
What do you love about training people?
Anything you don’t love?
How has this been for you?

Learn more about Ronan's book and his work at 

Music by UNIVERSFIELD from Pixabay