The Practical Enneagram

Data-driven development, with Marianna Meyer

February 17, 2021 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 3
The Practical Enneagram
Data-driven development, with Marianna Meyer
Show Notes

Executive Life Coach and Integrative Enneagram Solutions Faculty Member, Marianna Meyer [6], shares how she uses the IEQ9 test in her coaching practice.

In this episode:

  • How Marianna met the Enneagram [2.56] and what she thinks the Enneagram does [3.44]
  • How she started working with Integrative Enneagram Solutions [4.58]
  • How "a test takes away coach bias" [7.15] and how Marianna still gets type wrong when not using a test [8.35]
  • The Integrative approach to Enneagram development [09.27]. Core type, Subtype, then Centers of Expression
  • How to work with the various Centers data [11.42]
  • Working with Triadic styles, or Center-specific styles [13.57]
  • I ask an extremely finicky question [14.51]
  • Marianna explains how she works in real life, with all the complexity [16.53]. "Less is more; I like to distill things to the most salient."
  • How she works with the bars/percentages [17.25]
  • Integrative's approach to Lines: 'Stretch and Release' [21.22]
  • How Marianna works with Stretch and Release in practice [22.10]
  • How she works with the least accessed point in the profile (Jerry Wagner's idea). "It's the least practiced muscle; it holds a lot of power". Gives example of Enneagram Nine usually having low scores for styles Eight and Three  [23.00]
  • Other concepts from IEQ9's Coaching Companion: Stress and Strain, and Reality Distortion [25.50]
  • Advice for self-motivated self-developers! [27.49]


  • 'Depth-psychology' 
  • 'Harmonics' 
  • The Handbook I refer to is one that you get when you do the IEQ9 training; it isn't available on Amazon.


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