The Practical Enneagram

Data-driven Development, with Marianna Meyer

February 17, 2021 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 3
The Practical Enneagram
Data-driven Development, with Marianna Meyer
Show Notes

An interview with Executive Life Coach and Integrative Enneagram Solutions Faculty Member, Marianna Meyer, in which she shares how she uses the IEQ9 test in her coaching practice.

In this episode:

  • How Marianna met the Enneagram [2.56] and what she thinks the Enneagram does [3.44]
  • How she started working with Integrative Enneagram Solutions [4.58]
  • How "a test takes away coach bias" [7.15] and how Marianna still gets type wrong when not using a test [8.35]
  • The Integrative approach to Enneagram development [09.27]. Core type, Subtype, then Centers of Expression
  • How to work with the various Centers data [11.42]
  • Working with Triadic styles, or Center-specific styles [13.57]
  • I ask an extremely finicky question [14.51]
  • Marianna explains how she works in real life, with all the complexity [16.53]. "Less is more; I like to distill things to the most salient."
  • How she works with the bars/percentages [17.25]
  • Integrative's approach to Lines: 'Stretch and Release' [21.22]
  • How Marianna works with Stretch and Release in practice [22.10]
  • How she works with the least accessed point in the profile (Jerry Wagner's idea). "It's the least practiced muscle; it holds a lot of power". Gives example of Enneagram Nine usually having low scores for styles Eight and Three  [23.00]
  • Other concepts from IEQ9's Coaching Companion: Stress and Strain, and Reality Distortion [25.50]
  • Advice for self-motivated self-developers! [27.49]


  • 'Depth-psychology' 
  • 'Harmonics' 
  • The Handbook I refer to is one that you get when you do the IEQ9 training; it isn't available on Amazon.


  • IEQ9 Questionnaire: 
  • Learn more about Marianna: 
  • Learn more about Rez: