The Practical Enneagram

Coaching in the particular, with Steve March

May 11, 2021 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 10
The Practical Enneagram
Coaching in the particular, with Steve March
Show Notes

"In working with the Enneagram, well-intentioned coaches are inviting clients to counteract the fixation in a way that generates resistance, which then needs to be overcome in order for the client to develop. Especially when that counteractive move is embodied in a practice." A powerful message from Head Coach and Alethia Founder, Steve March (5), who outlines an evolution in Enneagram-based coaching, which he applies in his coaching methodology, the four depths. 

  • What happened after Steve graduated from his integral coaching training [4.00]
  • The integrating insight he had which led him to develop his coaching methodology [6.00] 
  • When Steve encountered the Enneagram [9.55]
  • Enneagram as a mirror rather than a map [11.15]
  • A description of the Alethia method [12.21]
  • The beginning of the description of the four depths [13.48] Depth of parts.
  • The Enneagram fixation is a constellation of parts [15.37]  
  • Example of how Steve uses the Enneagram with clients [18.45]
  • Depth of process (the second depth) [23.40] and depth of presence (the third depth) [24.55]
  • How the Enneagram is used in the process and presence depths [27.00] (it's not)
  • Steve's use on wings/lines and typing [31.54]
  • Views on vertical development [33.20]
  • The fourth depth [33.53]
  • The alternative to a self-improvement frame [35.13]
  • When Steve teaches the Enneagram in his method [37.30] (he doesn't)
  • How coach is a surrogate presence in the beginning of the relationship [40.45]
  • Why it's important to work with the Instincts inside of the non-dual depth [45.00]
  • Why Steve thinks Alethia is an easier coaching approach [48.23]  

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