The Practical Enneagram

Where type lives in the body, with Marion Gilbert

June 22, 2021 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 13
The Practical Enneagram
Where type lives in the body, with Marion Gilbert
Show Notes

Physical therapist and pioneer of the somatic Enneagram, Marion Gilbert (SX8), talks about why the somatic component to developing and awakening with the Enneagram is so important to address. 

  • Marion's introduction to the Enneagram [2.52]
  • How Marion got involved with the Narrative Enneagram [4.50]
  • What is the somatic enneagram? [7.50]
  • Somatic nature of type (examples of Type Four and Eight) [8.40]
  • Three basic pillars of somatic awareness [13.51] (1) grounded presence, (2) cultivation of inner observer and (3) cultivation of placement of attention. 
  • Marion's integration of Peter Levine's work in her somatic awareness program [19.48]
  • Contracted body center states and how they link to types [21.33] (head types flee, heart types freeze, body types fight).
  • The relaxed body center states [24.03] (flight becomes curiosity, freeze reinstates seeking for connection, and fight becomes play).
  • Non-dual perspective on integration [26.45]
  • Is there any type for whom this work is more important? [28.25]
  • Can we work on the somatic line without engaging the psychological enneagram? [29.22]
  • How to avoid traumatizing people [30.40]
  • How doing Eight has served and not served Marion [32.05]


  • 'Frosty' the snowman is a visual of the contracted and expanded states of the mental, emotional, and body centers. It is a visual included in Marion's materials. 
  • The Narrative Enneagram

Marion Gilbert
Marion's website where you can learn about her Somatic Enneagram Certification Program

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