The Practical Enneagram

The Kundalini connection, with Lynn Roulo

January 18, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 28
The Practical Enneagram
The Kundalini connection, with Lynn Roulo
Show Notes

Kundalini yoga teacher, Enneagram teacher and goddess of Athens, Lynn Roulo (Sexual 7), describes the support that kundalini breathwork can offer in interrupting our type patterns. Lynn also shares about her book about intimate relationships - an amazing collection of narratives on relationships between each type combo - and her own growth journey. 

  • Who is Lynn Roulo? [2.29]
  • What's Lynn's type and subtype [5.11]
  • What is Kundalini yoga and why pair it with the Enneagram? [5.39]
  • Is Kundalini yoga and such particularly beneficial for head types? [9.48]
  • The theory behind matching kriyas and meditations to certain types [11.16]
  • How do we know a kriya has 'worked'? [12.58]
  • Do we need to do a kriya for 40 or 90 days? [14.02]
  • What's a kriya and what's the science behind a kriya? [16.43]
  • Lynn on her book, the Nine Keys [19.31]
  • How doing life from sx7 is going  [23.46]
  • An unsavoury email from a lawyer of an Enneagram organisation [26.14]
  • How attention to diet has sourced Lynn's development [28.49]
  • Can kundalini help us with instinct-related fears [29.54]
  • Accessibility of kundalini [33.32]


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