The Practical Enneagram

Tantra and the Holy Ideas, with Adi Vajra

February 01, 2022 Rezzan Huseyin Season 1 Episode 29
The Practical Enneagram
Tantra and the Holy Ideas, with Adi Vajra
Show Notes

Multi-disciplinary spiritual teacher, Adi Vajra (Sexual 5), describes what tantra is and does, along with his beautiful synthesis of tantra methodology - visualisations and body/energy work - with the Enneagram, including his joining of the Holy Ideas with tantra.  

  • Adi's story and how he came into contact with the Enneagram through Eli Jackson-Bear [3.00]
  • What's a non-dual approach to the Enneagram [5.07]
  • Adi's type [6.03]
  • What's Adi's spiritual location these days [6.55]
  • How Adi uses the Enneagram in his work with people [7.58]
  • What is tantra? [10.01]
  • Is the Tantric world/experience accessible for all? [14.50]
  • Adi's work that joins tantra with the Holy Ideas [17.55]
  • Is it important to have an experience of the Holy Idea for our type first? [23.35]
  • Are the Holy Ideas mental states/perspectives? [24.24]
  • Do we sustain the embodiment of the Holy Ideas? [25.05]
  • I ask Adi a question about a reference that A.H. Almaas makes to a tantra practice in his latest book, the Keys to the Enneagram [27.50]
  • How do Enneagram Nines get along with tantra? [31.10]
  • What about Sixes? [33.20]
  • Adi's thoughts on Keys to the Enneagram [34.40]
  • How would a person begin with tantra? [38.02] 

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